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Been to court today 26/08/2020

Brief Description of Offence:
Drunk couple of beers and 2 x vodka monsters decide to go pick wife up from work knew i was doing wrong turned car round dropped cigarette hit parked car

Breath Alcohol Level and Reading Type:
Failed road side test blew 66 at station

Mitigating Factors:
Short distance driven , very compliant with the police and showed remorse , never been in trouble with police before , clean driving record

Aggravating Factors:
Hit a parked car causing rear end damage

Legal Representation at Court?:

14 month ban reduced by 25% for taking course £484 total fines

Offered the Drink Driving Rehabilitation Course?:
Yes will take.

Sentence Comments:
Went into court total mess from setting foot inside door magistartes commented how upset i was and could tell how out of charater this was for me took letters from freinds and work trust me they do help they took time out to read them infront of me , magistrate even said with how much remorse you are showing i am going to forget the RTC you had and treat this as just a driving while over the limit , over all i am very pleased with the outcome of the case i was expecting top end of the scale of the second bracket of 22 months , also dressed smart shirt , tie , trousers and shoes got a comment of how smart i looked as well every one else that day they had seen said they was wearing tracky bottoms , trainers and t-shirts , didnt bother with duty solicitor decided to speak for myself even thou this was hard from behind all the tears


TTC Group
That was a decent result. The minimum should have been 17 months, so I think they took into account the delay in banning you and that you have not driven since the accident.


New member
Hey All- does anyone know how long after your court date/ sentencing it took for your ban to show up on the DVLA website?


New member
Brief Description of Offence:

Since the start of the Pandemic, I had started to drink alcohol as a source of comfort when my son was staying at his fathers, as I felt lonely not going about my day to day life. On this particular occasion (end of June) I had drank two bottles of Prosecco in my home and decided to go and visit a friend (such a stupid/reckless thing to do I know and wish I could go back and stop myself) I got in my car and proceeded to make the journey, as I was on a dual carriageway I approached a roundabout and the next thing I knew, I was flying over it and smashed into a road sign. I then continued to drive on (completely unaware of the damage on my vehicle, 3 blown tyres and smashed up front end) within moments of this I could hear sirens, the police pulled me over, breathalysed me and subsequently arrested me.

Blood Alcohol Level and Reading Type:

Breath 85ug

Mitigating Factors:

No previous criminal convictions
Single mother
Full time Civil Servant
Short Distance Driven - 1 mile
Early guilty plea

Aggravating Factors:

Severe damage to my car from accident
Attempting to leave the scene of an accident
6 speeding points on driving license

Legal Representation at Court?:

Yes (£600)


17 month driving ban
£579 court costs

Offered the Drink Driving Rehabilitation Course?:

Yes, which I will complete to reduce ban to 13.5 months

Sentence Comments:

As lenient as possible given the high reading and accident. My solicitor prepared me to expect at least a 22 month ban and possible community order. I think it helped my case by showing deep remorse as I was very tearful. I dressed smartly wearing a midi skirt, matching top and blazer, I was shocked to discover most of the defendants at court wearing tracksuits and trainers, even women! They probably thought I was a solicitor!!
I also wrote the court an apology letter and obtained character references from my friends to demonstrate how out of character it was for me. My solicitor done an excellent job with the mitigating factors. It is definitely worth hiring a solicitor, if you’re not as confident like me to speak for yourself.

I have definitely learnt from this and will not drink drive again, this is the biggest mistake of my life and can only be thankful I didn’t hurt anyone.
£5,000 my car will cost to fix as the insurance will not pay due to the DUI. The person who I have let down the most is my son, as he doesn’t understand why we have to catch buses now.