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Description of offence:
I was drinking cans of beer from the afternoon time until after 1am, decided in my infinite wisdom that I needed cigarettes so decided to go to the shop. Was involved in a collision with 2 bollards and a bus stop, part of my car broke off into the air and also hit a parked car about 8 metres from the crash.

Blood Alcohol Level and Reading Type:
Breath 91 ug

Mitigating Factors:
Clean criminal record, 2 driving convictions one for speeding in 2015 and the other for no insurance from 2016 (my mum asked her insurance broker to ensure I was on her insurance, was told I was and I foolishly never checked the insurance document and I was not, broker also didn't include her business insurance, safe to say we no longer use that broker) Was misusing alcohol at the time, have since sought help and no longer drink.

Aggravating Factors:
Collision as stated above.

Legal Representation at Court?:
Local Solicitor, phone call consultation was free and representation on the day was £110.

12 month ban reduced to 9 upon completion of drink driving awareness course, fine and court fees ordered to pay £215 (Lower sentencing brackets in NI)

Offered the Drink Driving Rehabilitation Course?:
Yes. Completed in December, very informative and reinforces that you aren't alone in this, 12 other people all from the local area facing the same punishment.

Sentence Comments:
Expected a higher sentence and fine and was very relieved with what I received. A very expensive lesson.

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Brief Description of Offence:
Rolled my car in a 30mph street and managed to roll my car.

Breath Alcohol Level and Reading Type:

Breath - 113 at roadside, 110 in station (5x in Scotland).

Mitigating Factors:

Argument with a friend after a day of drinking, recent depression (but that's no excuse). Clean record: not even a speeding ticket to my name after 20 years of driving.

Aggravating Factors:
Rolled car

Legal Representation at Court?:
Duty solicitor


36 months ban, 190 payback order (reduced from 250 because I plead guilty). Sheriff said it was the alternative to a custodial sentence.

Offered the Drink Driving Rehabilitation Course?: