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HRO MEDICAL due 19/04/18

Hi all

i am due to take my DVLA medical on the 19/04/18 i will be out of my ban time on the 23/04/18 this was my 2nd ban in 10 years
i am a 26 year old male who has been drinking at the weekend would normaly be around 4 Pints on a friday night sometimes more (rum).
I dont drink in the week also smoke by the time i take my medical i will be 7 weeks alcohol free would this be enough time for my liver to go back to normal levels given my age
im also taking milk thisle drinking plently of water plus fruit juice and working 5 days a week.
i really want to get back on the road i also took an DD course TTC on the 2nd ban.
Which helped my outlook on alcohol and my misjudgement about how many units untill your pass the limit
both of my bans where just slightly over the limit.

i just hope to make a fresh start get my life back on track since this ban i have had a child and i would never risk something so stupid again
my question is how do i fair up aganst the test never had alcohol problems (never seen the doctors or been to AA or anything like that)
like i say il be 7 weeks alcohol free

many thanks
From what you have said, you should be fine.
the milk thistle is claimed to help but I am sceptical about any benefits it might offer.... but it will not do any harm.
also i was abit worried how often do the dvla medcials fail and you have to re do them i ask this because the week after my medical im due to go on holiday
and there would be drinking invovled?
I went just over 7 weeks without a drop, didn’t drink much beforehand anyway. They will probably check with your personal gp as you’ve been banned twice, I had an accident so they checked with mine.

I’m 35, have always looked after myself, played football, gym etc, I got issued full licence 2 weeks after doctors questionnaire.
You’ll be ok
Yes my 2nd also lead to a accident to but never been to my gp regarding alcohol so I think I should be good just hoping for a low enough score to get me my 10 year licence although I would settle for the year renewal
I’ve also checked the questionnaire I can honestly answer no to all I’m not wether I should tell them I’ve not had a drink for 7 weeks or not ?
i have just taken my medical today, cost 98.50 took half an hour the people were nice doctors said you should fly though providing you havn't lied
and should take about 4 weeks to find out, fingers crossed i will pass
If you are close to the end of your ban, I suggest you ring DVLA and pester them for a result after a week or so. People who do this seem to get quicker results. - I have just seen from your earlier post that your ban is up on the 23rd April, and you are going on holiday next week so phone them just before you go, you may have a result for when you get back......
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i will be on holiday still in the uk, going by what you said i will give them a ring next thursday that will be a week from my medical, do i just ring the DVLA medical line to ask
or is there a another number i need to ring?

thanks for the advice!
Called the dvla today just to let them know that my ban ends tomorrow (trying to get them to hurry it up) they have recieved my bloods but not the paperwork, i did ask for the result of my blood test but he wouldnt give it me didnt give me a reason why
will call again monday to see if anything has changed
Rang the DVLA again today, they have now received my bloods and questionair but now saying this needs to passed on to the medical team
they gave me a expected time 7 to 10 working days for this to be completed.
Troubling as i'm almost certain that they will write to my doctors, also asked for info regarding my cdt results and ask me to ask in an email to them,
which i have not sure how long that will take to come back. (ban ended 23th April)
Let your doctor know that the questionnaire is coming from DVLA and ask him / her to prioritise it, and hopefully fax or email it back to save on posting delays.
i will do that, my doctors are well known for taking the mick, so if it comes to that i will be going down in person and making sure its done.
would i be ok in telling my doctors a job depended on it (it doesnt) so it looks more urgent?
Rang DVLA today, was told they have sent a letter to my doctors (via post) so i have contacted my doctors and told them it was coming.
They then told me that there is a 5 week wait for these to be completed due to having a pile of them.
I did request for the form to sent back via FAX they refused this point blank saying they couldn't fax anything due to confidentiality
but did tell me i could have it and fax it back myself ??? :confused:

Also if they have contacted my GP would that indicate that my blood tests and questionnaire were both ok?
(this would put me at rest)
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[HR][/HR]“Well known for taking the Mick” seems to be right. With a 5 week delay your area must be full of high risk drink drivers!
sadly it doesn’t mean your blood test and questionnaire were fine. They may have been, it could just be a routine follow up, it could mean that there were concerns about an answer you gave or that your CDT test was in the grey area of between 2.3-2.9.
the only thing you can be certain of is that your result was not 3.0 plus, because they would have just failed you.
that is correct price, i did answer yes to a crash i had related to drink driving also it is my 2nd offence
would that give them reason to?
so seeing how they haven't failed me straight out and ive never been to doctors for anything i would guess at its a pass of some sort
It is probably a delayed pass, from what you say. When does your ban expire, and did you apply for your licence back as soon as the 3 month ‘window’ to make the application was open?
Sorry, you did say the ban was up on the 23rd before. I have been busy lately replying to several posts!
DVLA will not chase your doctor for a reply until 6 weeks have elapsed, so you will get no help there.
Your only chance of a speedy outcome is persuading your GP to pull his finger out.
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