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Hi everyone just a couple of quick questions, looking I guess to confirm what I am hoping.

I was in a RTC in which witnesses all agreed it was the other drivers fault so contact details were exchanged. I however failed roadside breath test. Now due in court.

Yesterday I got a phone call from my arresting officer who thought I was one of the witnesses. Once he realised his error he said he was trying to contact her for her dashcam footage. I have been meaning to contact her but haven't so far due to my hysteria over being charged.

My questions are - is the investigation into the RTC separate from my drink drive charge? Would he have told the witness I was charged? Does my being charged affect the RTC investigation?

I know that this is kind of circular but would appreciate your thoughts.


P.S. - since the incident I am so grateful to this site, it's posters and the information it contains. It really should be part of the driving test! :)
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