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Still waiting for postal charge after blood taken in June

Hi there,

I was pulled over 5th June last year & read 1.5 over the limit. I was taken into custody & for some reason they failed to get another breath sample. After 30-45 minutes my blood was taken & I spent the night in the cells.
I was released the next day & told it would take a short while for the bloods to come back, maybe months & I'm sure I heard them say something about 7 months & not being charged but I honestly can't remember properly.

Anyway, I've heard absolutely nothing as of yet. Do I chase it up? What do I do? I woke up with a bad hangover so I'd be surprised if it wasn't over. Altho I do suffer with Crohn's disease & peptic ulcer - not sure if that makes a difference?

I just want it over with, tired of waiting. Any advice, please?
There is a time limit of 6 months from the date of the offence to lay a charge for an offence of this type. If you haven't heard anything by now then it is unlikely that you will. You should, however, contact the police station and request an update to make sure they haven't tried to contact you. The roadside reading is not as reliable an indication and it wouldn't be unusual for the reading at the station (blood or breath) to be significantly different). You should contact the police directly.
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