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Should I buy a custom registration plate?

So my year ban ends in 2 weeks.
During the rehab course the course leader said that it has been known for people to buy used cars in which the previous owner was caught drink driving. Therefore the new owner of said car were often getting stopped by police because the reg plate has a 'drink driving' marker on it on police database.
Obviously when im driving again I dont want to be randomly stopped every few weeks, especially if I have friends in the car and the police blurts out, 'ah you have had a previous drink driving conviction'. This would be very embarrassing.

So would it be best to get a private reg so they leave me alone to get on with my life and not be 'randomly stopped' in future?
Markers on the ANPR system are for suspected drink drivers, and are reviewed after 3 months.
There is no marker for “convicted drink driver”. This is because many drink drivers sell their car after being disqualified so there would be no point. Get a personalised plate if you want, but if your suspicion was correct, what if the pervious owner of that had a drink drive conviction?
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