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Second charge of drink driving


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I need some help from someone in the know.

I've been charged with sections 5, 103 and 143 of the RTA 1988. I was banned in August 2008 for 18 months and only had 3 months to go. This is my first time behind the wheel in 15 months.

I failed the roadside test, was arrested and blew 118 on the Intoximeter. I've been bailed to appear at Court in one month's time in Glasgow.

I'm seriously worried now. I know I'm at risk of a custodial sentence. I've asked for legal help online from a specialist road traffic lawyer in Glasgow but I'm still waiting to hear.

I am the primary carer for my disabled and terminally ill partner. If I get sent down, not only am I at risk, my partner will be at risk as there is nobody else in my position to provide the level of care he needs. He has elderly parents who are not in good health. There is really nobody else to provide the care for him. The stress this is causing to him can affect his health and he may well be hospitalised. Worst case is that my partner could die - I know that's extreme but it could happen.

I'm going to see my GP. I have to admit I do have an alcohol problem. There's just so much going on in my life - made redundant, not being successful applying for jobs (think my last drink driving conviction has been against me), moving house from Manchester to Glasgow. I've had a problem with alcohol for a while now, I just never admitted to myself before. I was just denying there was a problem.

I have friends who say they will support me - I don't know how. I don't know if they would be prepared to give me a character reference. My partner says he will ask his consultant for help - like confirming I am his primary carer and there is nobody else.

I just feel so low at the moment and can't help thinking I will end up in prison.

I seriously need some advice. Can you help?


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Sorry, a couple more things.

I remember I wasn't asked by any officer when I last had a drink.

I used the machine at the police station (an Intox EC/IR) and when I re-read the receipt I was given (I signed for it) it says that the first simulator test was done 3 minutes before I gave the first sample. I remember that I was brought into the room and was blowing on the machine in less than a minute. I don't know if the whole calibration is meant to be done in front of me or not. I wasn't asked if I was on any medication (which I am but I don't know if it affects the reading).
Currently serving a 17 month ban myself I have read about all the sentencing that can be handed out for driving whilst disqualified and its terrifying, even more so if your over the limit. Im sorry that you have got yourself in this positon and it will be interesting to see what a lawyer will say to you. Either way expect a massive driving ban possibly 10 years. Sorry mate.
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