Quick question

I was banned for three years but got my licence for one year last year after completing and passing the medical so now I have applied for my new licence and stated I have had no problems for 3 years. I have received a letter today to tell me the dvla doctor is writing to my own gp but I haven’t seen a dvla doctor! Does this mean I may not have to have a medical examination this time?
It may well be that if the report from your GP supports your Rehabilitation that you will be issued with a driving licence without a medical.
Still no letter from the dvla about me going for an actual medical examination nearly a month since they wrote to
Tell me they were writing to my own doctor!
I am classed as a HRO so I am panicking in case there has been a mistake! My
Licence is due to expire on the 2nd of June
Have you checked with your GP to see if they have replied to the DVLA?
As a matter of professional courtesy, they do not chase up the GP for a reply until 6 weeks have elapsed so if there is a delay at your doctors, the enquiry could still be in the pending tray there........
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