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Hi there

I was pulled over sept 10 for a headlight out, he asked if I had smoked cannabis and I said yes, half a joint. I don’t know why I was so honest but I was bought up that way and feel dumb for that.

I’m so scared whilst waiting for these results to come back. I had smoked half a weak hash joint with my friend ( 6/7 puffs ) at around 2pm then another one around 4/5pm of the same. I drove home around 8.30 and my blood test was taken at 10.40 pm. I never knew how low the limits were and I wish I had researched and never smoked again. I haven’t smoked since.

I can’t find any evidence online of average amounts from testing, I’ve found one website that says usually after 5 hours your under the limit but I understand that it’s different for everyone.

I was really sick this day and vomited 10 mins after I had left the station. I really needed to get home and I wouldn’t have driven if it wasn’t for this. I told the officer whilst I was there I really didn’t feel well but they took the blood samples anyway.

I don’t have any money. If I’m fined I’ll have to borrow money from my mum who will be so dissapointed in me. I can’t afford to get my sample tested even though I sent it to a lab it’s just sat in their fridge. I won’t be able to pay for a solicitor if I get a court date I have no idea what I can do.

I’m a self employed musician and I drive to London every week. I won’t be able to do my job with train prices as high as they are. I’m sure if my blood results are over they won’t be by much but I don’t know what I can do to make the court see that I made one mistake because I was sick and I will have so much trouble with my career from this. If it goes well and I’m able to travel abroad will this affect me massively with visas.

A few puffs and that’s it... life ruined and all my hard work gone. I don’t want sympathy but I want a second chance.

Thank you and sorry
The limit for cannabis is extremely low but there is no way of predicting at this stage what result will be produced but, given what you say, it is likely you will come back over the limit. Unfortunately, if you are convicted of this offence you will have a criminal record and a mandatory minimum 12 month ban. Your personal circumstances will not avoid this, merely help to mitigate and reduce any penalty. I would highly recommend taking more specific advice once you get your result.
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