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Passed a Resit, Medical Checks in Progress


New member

I do realise this is a drink driving forum but you were the only Road Traffic advisor i could find when my worries took hold !

Background is, as a young man i had loads of drink and drug problems, was banned twice for Drink Driving and once for being unfit through drink or drugs, due to the fact they happened relatively close to each other and i pled guilty each time, at sentence i never had any previous convictions for them as when the 2nd and 3rd offence's were committed i hadn't pled or been sentenced for the first yet.
I racked up a 12 month , 18 month and 2 Year ban, not neccessarily in order of offence !

Then when i went to court for a 4th time, a second unfit to drive through drink or drugs charge, ( both these charges it was drugs rather than drink that was making me unfit), I pleaded not guilty and the Doctor who attended me in custody gave evidence stating that the low amount of drug ( Heroin ) in my system wouldn't have impaired me due to factors inc size of addiction habit and length of time using drugs, the small amount in my blood, and in her opinion after examining me in custody, i wasn't impaired.
So in that case i got a not proven verdict, BUT i did plead guilty to having a bald tire......I was given another ban and ordered to resit my test for the offence of the bald tire !

This was approx Aug 1999, and followed with years of addiction, so for the next 12 or so years i didnt bother with trying to get my licence back due to the chaotic lifestyle, around May 2010 i started on a Methadone program and haven't used Heroin for 6 years, and i very rarely drink, the odd pint at a wedding or birthday night out, maybe a bottle of beer at the Bells.

So as i started to pick up the pieces i found out the requirements for getting my licence back and after 3 year on the Methadone program and continous monthly urine samples i applied for my licence, had to see a DVLA appointed Doctor for a medical which i did, and they also wrote to the consultant of the addiction program and any relevant workers, nurses etc involved with me in that program.
I got my first provisional licence post ban and resit back in Dec 2014 with a 1 year expiry, and continued to give regular samples, all clean by the way; in line with my Methadone program, and obviously the daily dose has been reduced some 20ml a day from when i first applied.
My licence was renewed Dec last year for another year, valid till Dec 2016.
I have already received and filled in the medical questionnaire for further renewal this year, and given another clean sample to the Dr at the centre. The DVLA MG have received the reply as i made sure it was recorded delivery then phoned to confirm they had it and all they would say is their enquirys will be completed and i will hear when they are, and that i could continue to drive as long as i have not been told otherwise by my Dr, which is actually the complete opposite, I have been encouraged to pursue this from the start with their support and it is part of my plan for the future, to get my licence back, hopefully leading to employment, then with some structure in my day start to make clearer strides toward dropping the Methadone program completely but in a safe, calculated way.

Yesterday morning i passed my resit with only 4 minors, the Examiner has taken my provisional and said he will send it away and i have a pass certificate from him to show i have passed again and i am allowed to drive.
But since yesterday i only had practically 1 hour of joy before my head started to imagine scenarios, Scenarios in which they found a way to say 'It doesn't count' or some way they will put the blockers on me getting my licence back even though i passed my resit !

There is no change in medical stance, the Doc and support workers all helped me towards this, so are my fears founded or is this just a case of my Anxiety preying on me ??

Thank You, Best Regards WW

Michael Lyon

Road Traffic Solicitor (Scotland)

It's a case of your anxiety praying on you. Make sure you chase DVLA to make sure everything is in place to get you back driving as soon as possible.

If the application is refused, you are entitled to appeal the decision although would require to seek the assistance of a civil solicitor.

All the best.


New member
Hi Mr Lyon,

Thanks for your response,

I am aware of the right to appeal if refused for medical grounds etc, perhaps i should have worded it better,

At the time i resat my test last wednesday, i was holding a current provisional license, valid till Dec 16th,
I passed my Test, and i have the pass certificate from the examiner and he took my provisional to send to the DVLA,
when i contact them they say it can take a few weeks before my status changes from 'Provisional' to Full License.

What i am anxious about, is; there isn't a way for them to deny me my passed Test is there ? My prov was valid and i only recently had a DVLA related appt with my Doctor where i was told nothing had changed in his opinion i am still fit to drive,
So, no change in medical details and a Passed test, have the pass certificate only as examiner sent my licence back, he took it at end of test.

In these circumstances, is there anything you can think of that they could deny my passed Test ?

Thank You, Best Regards WW

Michael Lyon

Road Traffic Solicitor (Scotland)

It would appear that you have done all that you can at present and the matter is in the hands of DVLA. It is for them to consider the information and make a decision and all you can do is make sure you chase them up for one if there is a delay in their response.

It is best to focus on this and deal with any bumps in the road if they appear in the future, rather than agonise over something that may never happen.