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New driver/Disqualified Help

Phil jeffy

New member

I had only been driving 6 months at the time 2011.

Due to stress, it's been a time I've blocked out

Around 7 years ago potentially been convicted of drink driving.

I'm very aware of my actions. I have no idea if my license was revoked and I was disqualified or I was just disqualified.

Where would I find this information?

If you were convicted of driving or attempting to drive whilst over the prescribed legal limit for alcohol, you are likely to have been given a disqualification. Depending on your reading, this period of disqualification is likely to have ended. If you were convicted of being in charge of a motor vehicle whilst over the prescribed legal limit for alcohol, you may have been given 10 penalty points or a disqualification. If you were given points and the offence took place within the first two years of driving, your licence will have been revoked under the Road Traffic (New Drivers) Act 1995.

In order to confirm the status of your driving licence please access the following website: