milk thistle

Hi all,

Just wondering what milk thistle does and whether its effective, so I did quick google and found its herbal and possibly help liver function. The extent of the benefits isn't yet conclusive.

Do you take it and if so has it helped you? Is/was your liver damaged due to Alcohol how much were you drinking?

I've always been a heavy drinker from teenage and never knew when to stop, recent years started drinking secretly, mainly 3 liters of white cider at 7.5% 2 or 3 times a week then sometimes nothing for a few weeks, classic binge drinker.

Since being arrested on suspicion of dui (hipflask and arrested at home in evening) back in December, awaiting whether charges are to be laid, I have not touched a drop, no shakes or anything just the occasional craving that are getting better. I don't think done any damage to liver and not planning to have a single drop ever again, as even one will lead to wanting another and doing it for myself now whereas before was trying to appease ppl. It's good to finally get control over alcohol rather than it control me but still early days.

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