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Medical/M1 Form


New member
Hi Guys,

Been a reader of this forum for the last few months, thanks to you all for posting on here its been a great source of information/reassurance.

I had a medical three weeks ago, license due back this Friday 13th. I have been chasing DVLA repeatedly and last Friday a very helpful guy told me that everything was fine but I needed to fill out an M1 form (due to me mentioning depression, which I now wish I hadn't) which had been posted out. I said I can't wait that long explained why and so he told me to download one and fax it which I did and returned it to DVLA by lunchtime. At 4pm DVLA informed me that it had been received and passed on to the team.

M1 form as I'm sure you know asks about mental health. I answered no to everything as I am no longer being treated/taking medication. Last time I saw a GP about it was almost exactly a year ago, which I put on the form. ticked to to the rest etc.

now I have spoken to DVLA this morning and Monday morning, they said that the next step is to write to my GP. why would this be when I am no longer receiving treatment and answered no to all their questions? they said everything else is ok with medical, just the fact that when I filled form out on the day I mentioned depression.

I have been told to anticipate a 3 week period for this next step and I am in a word, flapping!

anyone experienced this before? would love to know. Many thanks in advance.


TTC Group
They only have your word about your current state of health so I would have been very surprised if DVLA did NOT contact your GP to get evidence direct from your medical records.


New member
hi guys, just an update, my doctors received the form and returned same day - amazingly - just rang the DVLA who confirmed that they have it. My doctor told me that there was nothing on the form that applied to me, it was all about treatment for alcohol, drugs etc and everything was answered no. Just rang DVLA and guy on the phone said that they will make a decision on the next step in the next 3 weeks (Painful!) He said that could be asking for more tests, more information from me or my doctor or just issue a license. is this just them giving all options to cover themselves and am I now being silly being in the state of worry that I am. sorry for the ramble!


Well-known member
Sounds BS did you phone the actual medical department or just the dvla
Anyhow neither can divulge your circumstances over phone
It's a waiting game however check online licence b


New member
hi Craig. I phoned the medical department. So far I've been pretty patient and thought DVLA have been pretty good but now I just wish they'd give a little more detail rather than just covering themselves you know. How do I check online license?