Lost license


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I got banned about a month ago and the dvla have written asking me to send my license back but I can't find it anywhere. It probably is in the house somewhere but I haven't seen it for months. I see there's a box you can tick saying you've lost it-if I do that will I get in trouble? And does it affect how much I'll have to pay when I apply for my license back at the end of the ban?
Doubt you’d get in trouble very much. When I went on the drink driving course, people had kept their old, now disqualified photocard licences and were actually using them as their form of ID for the course provider😂. They certainly never mentioned getting in trouble. If you can’t find it, you can’t find it.

The fee depends on whether you need a medical to get your licence back. It’s £90 if you do (in addition to the cost of getting the medical I think), and £65 if you were just convicted of drink driving but don’t need the medical.

Hope that helps :)

Just let them know you have lost it. Not a problem.
the cost is as per what suicidal depressive said, and the medical is about £96 on top if you need one.
there is no difference in the fee with or without a licence being surrendered because a fresh one is issued anyway, the old one is no longer valid after a Drink Drive ban, a new one HAS to be applied for.
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