I've got to go to court with 3 offences

Hi. I'm struggling to come to terms that o was arrested last night & charged with drink driving (68microgrammes) . No licence.
And wasn't insured on the car and no headlights . I have court 14th march .
Have no previous convictions , tho was arrested for similar 13 years ago.
What is going to happen ?
Many thanks
The past drink driving that went nowhere 13 years ago is irrelevant to your case today. With a reading of 68 you can expect a ban of 17-23 months. Because you had no licence or insurance you can expect to be sentenced at the top end of that. You may also be given a community penalty as the rules were revised downwards a little while ago, formerly you only got a community penalty when your reading was above 89. You will receive an endorsement for the drink driving no licence and the no insurance which will be discloseable for 5 years, but you will not get points for the no insurance / licence as the ban for drink driving means that other matters from the same circumstances that normally carrying points do not. If you do not get a community penalty then you will get a fine of about 1.5 times your weekly disposable income, costs of £85 and a ‘victim surcharge’ of £20, maybe more.
you can reduce the length of the ban if you are offered, and accept, to do a Drink Drive Rehabilitation Course. This will reduce the ban by up to 25%. Remember, It has to be offered, and accepted, on the day. If the magistrates do not mention it, some do forget, then make sure you ask if you would be allowed to do one. It cannot be offered once your case has finished in court. Having said that.... you don’t have a licence! Is this because you have never had one? If so, why on earth were you driving at all, let alone drink driving.......?
So will i be sentenced to prison ?? And because I'm stupid and thought I was big and clever through drink . And i highly highly regret it. It was to move my partners car to the next street as building work was beibg done the day after in our car parking facility ( no excuse I no ) 😔
No, you will not go to prison. The guidelines for that start at a reading of 120, unless there are exceptional circumstances, which yours are not.
Thank you that's put my mind at rest slightly.
Also I'm starting a new job as of June & was told around 1 week before this happened . The job will be a prison officer . Do you think this will affect that at all ? And at what stage do you think i should let them know ?

Thanks- laura.
The conviction will show up on your DBS check before they accept you for appointment as a prison officer, so I think you should be honest from the outset and tell them about what has happened.
You will probably not be required to drive as a prison officer, but what could have an effect is your integrity being questioned, s by being up front straight await you will help minimise this.
My dbs check has been done. All my checks have been compete & i haven't got a driving licence to be able to drive as a prison officer . I only have a provisional & they are aware of this due to it being a form of my id.
Yes i am going to tell them , most definitely. But I'm thinking of worse case scenario , so await what happens on the date I have to go to court maybe?
Thanks. Laura .
I would imagine that the prison service contract that you will sign will require you to notify them of any convictions at the least, and quite possibly if you are even under investigation for an offence. All the more important to be up front.
Most defiantly. I will be telling them. For sure . I'm just panicking ( my own stupid fault) this is why im going to wait for the court case to cime round , as then ill be able to tell them what the outcome was most defiantly. And be upfront on all aspects.
Also do you think ill have to serve community service ?
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