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Hi all, i'm nearing the end of my ban and wondered if anyone has any useful advice on who to go to for insurance quotes please?


TTC Group
The first step should be to get a quote from your previous insurers. That will give you a benchmark on how much is will go up. If you have done a TTC course, you will have been given a booklet at the end and in there is an insurance broker that offers good rated for someone who has done one of our courses.
Another place to look is You can put all your details in, with no convictions and get a quote (the tip here is to put the start date in 4-6weeks maximum because if you put you are look8ng for a quote for, say, 6 months time then it will say it is too early to give a quote). You then go back to amend your quote and put the conviction in, finalise the quote and you can see what the increase in premiums have been. They will ask for the offence code - drink driving, dr30 - failing to supply are two usual ones, what your reading was and the length of your ban. You quote the length of the ban you served AFTER a course, if you did one.


I have just posted a message in another thread but to enlighten you: After quite a few quotes from insurance firms provided in my TTC Course Booklet, I used the firm that appeared to be the least 'pressurising' and best value too. I did not feel ripped off even though a couple of other quotes were slightly lower I realised so were their huge excesses very much higher too, so, in the end best value for me was Invicta Insurance Services on page 21 of the booklet. I have used them 3 years in succession now and have been very satisfied. www.4convicteddrivers.