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New member

My name is Adrian and I am spanish. I came to Glasgow 4 months ago. I am looking for a work. Last saturday night I went out with friends and when i was coming back, the police stopped me. I was alone in my car, and the test of alcohol got 90 ug/100 ml. That is my fisrt time in my life. What can it happen now? I have a hearing on the next 7 july. I am really afraid.

Michael Lyon

Road Traffic Solicitor (Scotland)

When you attend court on 7 July, you will be called upon to plead to the charge of drink driving. If you opt to plead not guilty, the court will assign dates for intermediate and trial diets; these will be some months hence and you will be required to be present at both. The Crown evidence can then be accessed and the onus is on them to prove the charge against you beyond reasonable doubt.

A plea of guilty will result in you being disqualified from driving for a period. The minimum starting point is 12 months, although this is likely to be higher in your case due to the fact you are four times the legal limit. You are eligible for a discount in sentence due to the fact that your guilty plea has been tendered at the earliest available opportunity, and the Sheriff may also be persuaded to certify you as suitable for the approved driver course. This can lead to an additional reduction in your ban of up to 25%.

You will also be entitled to the assistance of a Spanish interpreter to ensure you fully understand the court proceedings.

Kind regards,

Michael Lyon