In court soon desparate for advice

Im due in court tomorrow and desperate for advice-Its a long story, sorry...I was unemployed a while back claiming jsa but I got bullied into signing off before I found a proper job, they were making me do unpaid work 40 miles from home ect so I went back to my old job so called self employed but really employed earning 20 a week if I was lucky.I actually did very well the first couple of months so I stuck with it then when I started earning 160 and less for the month, eventually nothing for several months I just hoped it would pick up the following month and did nothing, as a result I got in a huge mess with bills not paid,default notices ect.I decided to resort to escorting to pay off the debts-worse thing I could possibly be doing.I hate casual sex, Im incredibly shy,self conscious about my body,not very assertive with people.Obviously alchohol helped a lot.I used to be fine to drive after 2 or 3 glasses of wine, I kept breathalyzers in the car to check this.

I met one guy at his house and I felt really uncomfortable and shy so when he offered me wine I said yes, he kept offering me more and more and after about 4 glasses I started saying no but he kept saying go on and nagging me to drink it and pouring it in my glass anyway. I shouldn't of drunk it but I felt so uncomfortable and I couldn't leave because I needed the money, I did think about walking out when I started feeling drunk but it was a mews place with a gate and I wasn't sure if it just opened or what.He kept asking me if it tasted okay and I did just wonder if it had added vodka or drugs.Anyway, he kept me way over the time and I was so desperate to get the hell out of there that when I got back to my car I didn't sit there for very long before driving off-he knew roughly where I was parked so I didn't want him coming out and bothering me, hed been texting trying to get me to come back in.Although I was still tipsy ,Id had 6 glasses of wine,I felt okay to drive-it didn't help that Id got stopped for speeding and breathalysed a few weeks before after a bottle of wine and I was just under the limit-I honestly thought I was probably under again-another reason I wonder if he spiked my drink as I blew 56 at the roadside,about 3 or 4 hours after my last drink.It was a freezing night as well and Id rushed out without a jacket so I couldn't exactly sit there all night.

Anyway, I drove the first 70 miles and was fine but by then it was 3 am and I was exhausted,I had the heater on and was nodding off, there was nowhere to stop though other than the shoulder and I was nearly home so I kept going but idioticly I fell asleep and woke up when I hit the central reservation. I pulled off at the next junction and parked on the shoulder of the sliproad as Id missed my junction and could feel the car running out of petrol.2 vehicles pulled up behind me and I heard one guy calling the police as they figured Id been drinking,I couldn't drive off so I figured Id go back to sleep and hope I was under the limit. Id taken a slight overdose of cocodamol a couple of days before and I think that partly caused the drowsiness-not sure if it would affect the way I processed alcohol or something.By the way I didn't tell the police I fell asleep at the eel -they seem to think I was so drunk I couldn't steer straight or something,Im unsure if this is better or worse.They do know I stopped because the petrol ran out though .

Anyway, the police came and I got arrested, Id driven about 80 miles but unsure if they know this.They noticed the dent in my car but I said it was an old dent, not sure if they believed me but in the interview they said the guy who phoned them said I NEARLY hit the central reservation so maybe they did.I blew 52 at the police station, was hysterical and in shock, I don't remember exactly what I said to them,I probably incriminated myself but as I wasn't seen driving by them and they wanted to interview me I figured they maybe didn't have enough evidence to charge me so I decided to do a no comment interview.The duty solicitor said don't say no comment as it makes you look like a crook, just say sorry I don't want to answer your questions instead-never heard that before...Anyway, I didn't answer the questions but they still charged me.I don't know if there's any way I could find out what they're likely to bring up in court...I need a solicitor but the duty guy said I wouldn't get legal aid,I don't know if that's correct, as I have no income.I don't know if I have any form of a defence or mitigating circumstances or if theres any way theyd let me keep my licence, I live in the middle of nowhere so no public transport-its impossible without a car.I am very worried about a few things as well-they have my old address on the charge sheet and they kept asking me my address in the interview as if I lied about my address but I have no idea why I would do that, I think they've done it.Also my insurance company had a report from the police of an incident so its possible they do know I hit the central reservation-I haven't spoken to the insurers though.Also, I didn't say I was an escort in as many words but I dropped enough hints that the police would know though as I wanted them to know my situation rather than thinking Im always driving back drunk from parties ect, not on tape though, and they asked me what I do for a living in the interview-as if they are planning to bring it up in court so I get discriminated against-are they allowed to bring that up when its irrelevant and legal-My local paper reports on the drink driving cases so it will end up in there if they do-is there any way to stop them putting the escorting thing in the paper,my life is literally over if they do.Also, its my mums address and I have a violent ex who dosent know where I live so is there anyway to stop them putting my address in the paper-My mum would die of sham if they did as well. If I change my name by deed poll,I could do it tonight,online and change my name at the bank and apply for a new passport online, would the paper be allowed to print my old name or would they have to use my new one-as if they are going to out me as a prostitute I would change to a random name and then change back to my old name afterwards so no one would know it was me, that way my ex couldn't get our address either.Also what happens if I don't have enough money to pay the fine tomorrow I gave up escorting after that and I have no income at the moment Also, I have a clean liscence held for 3 years ish but have done a speeding course and I have a spent non driving related criminal record-any advice would be greatly appreciated
I just got my initial details pack from the court-there is no breathalyser print out for some reason and they have 2 different addresses for me but there is no record of me having admitted to driving and they don't appear to know I crashed the car-they also haven't mentioned anything about me being a sex worker anywhere unless there are things they're keeping back to bring up in court. I also changed my name just in case, that'll be a mess to change back lol but Ill have the deed poll by 9 am tomorrow-don't know if it was worth doing, I spent my last money on it lol
It appears that you have now been dealt with by the court. depending on the result and how you approached the case it may be that we can still advise regarding any potential appeal against sentence or representation moving forward in the event that you entered a not guilty plea in the absence of the full prosecution evidence. It is by no means unusual for the initial details of the prosecution case to be without the printout at first appearance stage and that is not an indication that the evidence won't then follow thereafter. Given the detailed nature of your email and the questions raised it may be more beneficial to discuss this over the phone should you still need some specific advice. You can contact one of our team on 03330093333. We aim to respond within 24 hours where possible but unfortunately your enquiry was made on the morning of your hearing.
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