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How long before I get arrested, changed, court etc?


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I was 21 in November. I have never been in trouble and I don't have a full drivers licence. This is the most awful thing I have ever done and feel dreadful about it all.
I had far too much to drink and then, stupidly I took a friends car for a drive, I knew he kept his keys in the car and just really, wanted to drive it I suppose. I ended up turning the car over and over and over landing upsidedown on a country road in the small hours. I cut my head really badly and just managed to squeeze myself out of a partially open window then I called the police and an ambulance. The police were amazing, they stayed with me for a few hours and got a blood sample. Then the police took me the 20 miles home which was very good of them, and they said they would be in touch.
I was at no point arrested.
That was a month ago and I haven't heard anything at all yet.
I know I have completely blown any hope of becoming a car driver for a long time but I really don't know what will happen now, or when. I am paying the guy back for his car every week out my wages and I paid for the recovery and everything for him - we are still friends, he is a good guy.
Should I just wait and use the 'duty solicitor' when I get to any court hearing etc I don't have much money left now with paying out for all this.Any advice or information would be amazing.
Huge thanks in advance
There is no definitive timescale in relation to when the blood result will be reported to you. It usually takes around 6 weeks and you may just receive something in the post. It is not out of the question for it to take longer for the matter to be progressed to court and the court actually have 6 months from the date of the offence to issue proceedings against you. It could rumble on for a while longer yet.

If you were given your own specimen of blood to have analysed you can do so independently and that will give you an idea of what level you are likely to come back at. The blood reading may not come back at an equivalent level to the breath given the time difference but if it does then you could face a ban of between 17 and 23 months. It is too speculative, without a reading, to give you definitive advice regarding penalty at this stage but it may be helpful to contact one of our specialist solicitors to obtain some more detailed preliminary advice over the phone. You can do so on 03332009843.
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