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Hit a pedestrian (accidently) whilst uninsured....


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I'm not sure if this is the right site, but I did come across it via Google.

Last week, I hit a pedestrian (accidentally) and the pedestrian was taken to hospital. I have since discovered that my insurance was out of date. I have now received notification that they intend to claim for negligence. I contacted my insurance company who said they wouldn't defend me. They did, however, tell me that the claimant will need to go to the Motors Insurance Bureau to make a claim. This is where i'm confused. Does the Motors Insurance Bureau come directly for me even though I didn't have insurance? If they do come through me will it be before a court? I'm slightly confused and worried.

Any comments on the actual process would be highly appreciated.
I'm afraid that I am only able to advise regarding the criminal side of proceedings, rather than the potential civil claims that may be brought. If the police are making continued investigations into this then it may be the case that they become aware that you were uninsured at the time, or they may also choose to prosecute you for careless/dangerous driving. Have you been interviewed by the police at this stage?
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