Have I Had an Accident?

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My first post and thank you everybody who makes this site informative and interesting I've just got my date for a medical (100 day wait) and on the form DR1, I notice Question 5 asks, "Within the last 6 years have you had an accident/injury, including a road traffic accident, as a result of your alcohol intake? I also notice that according to Thompsons Solicitors that the law states that the law defines a road traffic accident as a collision involving a vehicle on a road or in a public area that has caused damage or injury to a person, animal, another vehicle or property.

In my case I stuck my car on top of a roundabout but there was no damage or injury to a person, animal, another vehicle or property. The court heard this, the local paper said I was pulled over by the and stopped by the police. Do the DVLA get a transcript of my court appearance? Sitting in the back of the police car the policeman insisted he put a plaster on a red dot on my hand that wasn't bleeding and filled out a report to that effect. This is a first offence and I do not know how to answer this.


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I think Romf, you need to answer yes to this. You did have an accident. Your car was probably damaged, although you don't mention the roundabout (crash barriers, kerbs etc.)

You could chance your arm and say no.

I have no idea if they will be able to access your Court Appearance transcript or not, but normally, not being truthful will cause you more problems in the long run if it is discovered.
I would say roundabouts /street furniture counts as as public property or property of the council I'm sure I read somewhere about some kids destroyed a flower display on a roundabout and they where charged for destruction of public property