Full licence restored

Hi guys,

Thought I’d put s message on here.
Had a call from DVLA this morning to tell me my full licence has been restored. Been an agonising process from accident to process of receiving licence.
Had to have 2 Medicaid as mistakes made on first one, in total it’s taken 122 days from reapplying for licence to getting it but I can breath easy now.

I abstained from drinking for 7 weeks before medical, wasn’t a big drinker beforehand anyways.

I know a lot of you will feel anxious and worried which is understandable but please don’t give yourself a hard time, easy for me to say now I know but you will get there in the end.

I’ll reply to anybody seeking advice or queries if anybody needs any help.

All the best

you say you had 2 medicals may i ask why the first one failed i and due my medical next month then a week after the medical i go on holiday trying ot work out if its safe to drink after the medical or not, thanks
First one I was told wasn’t carried out to DVLA standards. When I went for the second one doctor was baffled then found out nurse/admin had put different date on forms to that of blood sample.
i see, so something as simple as that could void your whole medical its making me think twice about having a drink after now
did you drink after your medical or stayed alcohol free?
I’ve not had a drink since New Year’s Eve, don’t ever go out anywhere nowadays and don’t feel the need to drink. Not saying I’ll never drink again but It was more about changing my lifestyle for me. I’ve not got drunk since my accident, rather just had a few with father in law etc.
Well done mate, that’s definitely the mind frame to be in, thanks for your reply’s I’m going to try looking at it the same as you have done I can stopped at any point so why do I need to do it every weekend perhaps boredom is my number one issue
Yeah I know what you mean mate, it is boredom, go down the gym meet new people etc. I got fed up of the same old routine, play football Saturday get pisses, play football Sunday get pissed, it’s boring so I stopped, quit playing football . You’ll find out who your real mates are once you stop doing what they expect you to do. People are scared of change.
It’s your life, do what you want with it bud.
I ditched a lot of my friends after my ban going down the wrong path but now I’m only focused on my family which has been a massive boost in my life
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