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First offence, can I get onto the drink drive rehabilitation course?


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I was banned in February for a year, for being just under double the legal limit. This was my first offence of any type, traffic, drug, alcohol, fighting or otherwise. I was just wondering there was any way I can appeal and get onto the drink drive rehabilitation course, as it was never originally offered to me, or if there are any other means of appeal to try and reduce my ban. I need my license as I have a disabled parent, and a younger sister who is still not of an age to drive herself.

Do I have any chance at all of a reduction?

You do not have an automatic entitlement to take part in the drink drive course. Only those that are offered the course when they appear in court are able to do it. If you are not offered the course when you are sentenced then you cannot ask for it later. The only way of revisiting the question of you being allowed to do the course is by appealing against the sentence. However, there is a 21 day time limit for appealing against a MAgistrates Court sentence, and you are now well outside this time limit. Whilst it is possible, in principle, to obtain special permission from a Crown Court Judge to appeal out of time you are likely to find it difficult in your case due to the length of time that has now passed. I suspect you would only succeed if you had an exceptionally good reason for the delay in bringing your appeal.
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