DVLA revoked licence June 2016 - still fighting!

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Hi, my licence was revoked back in June 2016. I had a drink drive conviction in 2012 (over limit the day after) and was banned for 9 months. When my licence came back it didn’t have the 7.5 ton truck entitlement.
I contacted DVLA multiple times to have this back and after years of chasing and a medical they said my CDT levels were raised which indicates I drink and therefore revoked my entire licence. (Bearing in mind I hadn’t even re offended!)
Over the years I have tried to re apply with no luck. This time around I applied May 2021 and it took them almost a year to contact my GP. I had an appointment with her regarding my history and she was confident I would get my licence back this time.
Today I received a letter from DVLA to state due to a history of alcohol dependency I would not be getting my licence back. Never once have I been dependent on alcohol. I get up every day and go to work!
DVLA previously stated I need to show controlled drinking for a min of 6 months. Now saying 12 months abstinence from alcohol.
They haven’t even given me the opportunity to show I am fit to drive and I feel completely discriminated. They don’t know me or my habits. How can one organisation have such power to remove a persons freedom. This has played a huge part in my mental health and I feel it’s completely unfair.
This time I am not just walking away and want to take them to court.
Thank you for reading.
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