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Hey I have never posted before and have no idea where or if I even should be posting this here? But google seemed to point me in this direction! Any help would be greatly appreciated.

This is kind of a strange one and as I said i'm not even sure if I should post here so apologies if not!

So a couple of years ago I required hospital treatment for a psychiatric illness. It kicked off a dvla investigation after I self declared my illness. I was issued a 3 month medical ban and then reapplied. You could have knocked me over with a whisper when I then had my licence revoked for a further 12 months due to 'drug missuse'. Admitting to my doctor I had a weekly joint and once in a while line when drinking was a big mistake. I've never had a parking ticket, never been stopped, not even a bump.

I took it lying down, I'd done it, couldnt deny it, admitted it and honestly was in bad place with my mental health, not taking care of myself and needed a kick. That was it for me. I gave up everything even though even my doctors said 'you dont have a drug problem'. I stopped it all, drink, drugs even cigarettes. I've basically lived like angel.

I reapplied 8 weeks before the time was up and after 4 months of back and forth, 'we need to hear from the gp...we need to hear from the psychiatrist' both of whom agreed, i was well and fit to drive and found it all a bit ridiculous to begin with, I was sent for a medical. When I went I was handed my 3rd DG1 form to complete and a DR1. About half way through it I said to them, I think theres been a mistake this form is all about drinking and I dont drink and have never had a drink problem. They seem suprised but told me to fill it out anyway. The medical consisted of a height, weight, all over check and a blood test. When I asked what it was for I was told 'just a general check'. I was asked to sign a form to accompany the blood test and noticed it had the same 'chain of custody' and label check as the urine sample I had done too. In big bold letters it said CDT test. I was feeling a bit uneasy about the whole drinking questionnaire but didnt really press them. When it asked the last time I drank I put 31/12/16 which was the last time I actually had proper, got drunk and a good time drink. I actually had 4 beers (bottles) at Christmas and 3 beers and 1 cider (bottles) at New Year just there as a treat. After so many months of not drinking and thinking about the amounts I could put away when I did drink frequently, I guess I figured it didnt really count or matter?

Everything was done and dusted and I went home but it niggled at me the whole questionnaire and test thing. I google CDT test. Safe to say I'm now panicing like crazy. I s what I drank over Christmas and New Year enough to affect the test? I will be so upset if I have spent so long abstaining from everything only to screw it up over a few drinks I had no reason no to just say I had. I dont know why I didnt I wish I had but I had no idea thats what the blood test was for!

I didnt drink for almost an entire year, then drank twice within 11 days of the medical, what are the chances it will show up? I have 0 concerns about the urine test as I'm 18 months free of any of that.

Sorry for ranting on but this whole thing has dragged on so long and its so close to being over i'm in such a mess over it!
I think you will be fine with the drinks that you had at Christmas and New Year.
a “binge” can elevate the CDT reading but the amount that you describe would not, in my opinion, amount to a binge.
I'm still waiting for a decision. When I spoke to them yesterday it was "with the doctors waiting for review". Should I expect to wait much longer?
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