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New member
I have never drink driven.2 years ago I had clinical depression and had an accident as I felt sick ,probably because I wasn't really eating and was very unwell and hit a fence.I had a quarter bottle of vodka in the car but had not drunk any of it.I was breathalysed and the result was negative.
The following month I was admitted to a psychiatric hospital for 2 weeks.Once the medication was sorted I was fine.I had my licence revoked for 6 months and had a DVLA medical which I passed.I was issued a licence for a year.I had another medical this July and my score was 1.8.My licence has been suspended for a year and I don't understand why as it is within the limits.I only drink socially and never more than 2 drinks a time not more and often less than 3 times a week.I can only assume that my GP has filled the form in incorrectly as when I met her in May I told her that I had drank a bit more that week as we had 2 big family birthdays.Any advice appreciated.
As you suggest, the DVLA are reliant on information provided by your GP and any information given to them by your GP could have an impact. I would suggest requesting the file of papers from the DVLA to help you consider why they have reached their decision. You have a 6 month deadline from the date of revocation to lodge an appeal with the magistrates' court but you would be wise to try and find out more information from the DVLA before going into that process.


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Thank you for your quick response.Is 1.8 a score that prohibits driving ?I would be very grateful if you could explain the scoring as I assumed anything under 2.1 was considered satisfactory to continue driving.
On the face of it, a CDT level of 1.8% would indicate a level that would ordinarily be compatible with the DVLA accepted levels to ensure safe driving. There may be other information in the background that is being relied upon. I would advice you obtain the file from the DVLA to give you a further insight.