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DVAL Medical - advice please on my situation


I'd be grateful on advice on what to do.

I very stupidly drank drive (first offence) last September. My breath reading was high but I got a very lenient 16 month ban all things considered

I now have the DVLA form to reapply for my licence/Medical but:

- I have an anxiety disorder and taking 30 mg diazepam per day, shortly to be reduced to 25
- I am generally teetotal but have a long history of periodic binges (3-4 max. per year). These are directly related to my anxiety disorder. I last drank in April. These are related to my anxiety condition and generally last a couple of days. I drink an awful lot but don't have a problem stopping.
- My GP is supportive and will confirm on the inevitable medical enquiry that I am fit to drive although he knows about my history so will obviously have to reveal this.

Given this, should I even reapply for my licence now? I'm pretty sure I'd get a refusal, but my reasoning is that the DVLA would then tell me what I needed to do to satisfy their requirements, and the timeframe within which I can reapply. Are there any negatives to reapplying now?

I really do need my licence back as soon as possible as I'm a full-time carer for two parents with Alzheimers. My Mum still drives but I think she may only be able to continue to do so for another couple of years.

Thanks for taking the time to read my post
If your GP confirms to DVLA that you were binging as recently as April this year then yes, you are likely to be refused a licence and told that you cannot reapply before April 2018. I think you would be best waiting until then to apply which will,give you more time to address your anxiety disorder and perhaps get your Diazepam dose reduced even further.
The Diazepam itself could be a course for refusal of your licence back. There is currently a legal limit of 550mcg/L but above this can be still allowed if it is prescribed to you AND it is not viewed that it impairs your ability to drive. DVLA may well include a blood test to see what your level is when you reapply for your licence, so the lower the dose that you are on the better.
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