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DUI's continue to ruin my life.


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I am 27 years old and DUI's ruined my life. I have 3 DUI's one at age 21,22 and 23 years of age. I haven't had a drivers license in 7 years. I'm now a convicted felon. I lost my freedom for a year, I spent a year on house arreset. It is very difficult finding a job as a felon and not having a license. There were never any injuries or property damage in any of my DUI's thank god but the effects of those convictions still linger today. Frends and family don't take me seriously. I lost everything of material value and ruined a lot of important relationships due to my ignorance. In a weird way these DUI's were the best thing to ever happen to me, it made me aware of my alcholism and allowed me to make neccessary changes before I hurt myself or anyone else. Saying that and being sober for over a year, these DUI's still impact my life everyday. Its difficult getting a girlfriend with no license, jobs are almost impossible to find. Thats not even mentioning the almost 30,000 dollars Ive lost due to the DUI's. I know being an alcoholic is a curse and is a hard habit to quit. My advice is if you're going to drink sit your ass at home. The alcholism can get better but the DUI's stick with you forever.
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