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DUI cannabis


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I was pulled over on December 2017 at 3 while hitting home from work and I’m a Masters of Science international student. I have never been stopped before or have never been in contact with police all my life. This is the first Time I have been pulled over by cops and they smelled cannabis from my car since I had smoked a joint with my friend in my car after work. When they asked me I honestly admitted the fact and told them and they very respectfully took me to the station and blood tested me and said that this is just a protocol they have to follow and they know that I’m a perfect gentleman as they said this and impounded my car and dropped me home and you wouldn’t believe he was so nice that after knowing who iam and how hardworking I am he gave me 50 £ in hand I don’t know for what and I have it back but he didn’t wanna take it. So after that I got one post after 25 days about my offence and they had mentioned that I was having 3.2 ~g per 100ml of blood but the controlled specific limit is 2.0 per 100 ml. And asked me to come to court on a date but here’s the main part my studies was done I graduated and my visa got over after exactly one week from that post came. And now I’m in my home country since then and now I’m applying for PR in Canada and I’m very scared if I would not be allowed into the country. All my life and career everything would come to a stake as I have inverses a lot for the visa process. Please try to guide me and show some light on will I be able to travel and get a PR in Canada as will they consider this as a misdemeanour offence or will be taken into serious problems.

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I have one more question if I’m taking a trp visa to Canada and if my flight has to stop at uk for layover, will I be caught there itself.
It is very likely that you will have been convicted in your absence for the offence of driving whilst over the prescribed legal limit for drugs, namely cannabis. Based upon the reading, my assumption is you will have been given a driving disqualification and financial penalty. The only way to clarify the outcome of the matter will be to follow this up with the Court directly. If you were given a financial penalty, this will remain outstanding and would be classed as defaulting on your sentence which can have significant consequences. This is a recordable offence and will be included on your criminal record. Unfortunately, I am unable to advise you on the implications for your visa as you would require input from an immigration specialist to advise you on the visa process and the impact those convictions, which I understand you will need to declare, would have on your application.