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Drink and driving


New member
Hi good afternoon Sir/Madam

I met my partner on 23/05 Evening after visiting hospital her pragnancy test went well and she said she is pregnant . On that evening I was happy and went out with my friend had some drinks in limit. On the way home I had collusion with parked car and my car got Air bags came out . I did not run away spoke to police what happen no 1 got injured and explain potential what happen etc. They took my breath test and arrested me . Took me to police station done my test it came out 65 breath test . Next day morning interviewed and give me charge of section 5(1)(A) and schedule 2 .

My question is will this affect my future career as I am applying for Indefinat live to remain in U.K. ? I never committed anything no criminal or any other conviction.
I have good reputation and famous on social media from work. I am worried about my work.
I have court date 11/05 what should I do on that day.

What kind of punishment I will get. I need help plz.
  • Will this affect my future career as I am applying for indefinite live to remain in U.K.?

Without knowing precisely what job you do, it is difficult for me to provide specific advice as to whether this would affect your future career. However, you should be aware that drink driving is a criminal offence and most employers will require you to disclose this. Certain professionals (such as doctors, teachers etc) are regarded against a higher standard and as such, are required to disclose convictions to their professional regulators.

With respect to your application to remain in the UK, I would advise that you seek specialist advice from an Immigration specialist.

  • What kind of punishment I will get?

The Court will use sentencing guidelines to determine what sentence is suitable for your offence. There are four categories that you can fall into, and the outcome will ultimately depend upon the reading that you gave. Without knowing this reading, I cannot confirm which category you would fall into. However, you should be aware that you will be disqualified from driving for a minimum of 12 months. If your reading was extremely high, you may be at risk of custody.

In terms of the information you have provided, the fact that your vehicle has been involved in an accident causing damage to another vehicle is an aggravating factor which the Court will ultimately take into consideration. However, there are also, a number of points can be advanced to offer mitigation to reduce the penalty which can include evidence of good character, remorse and the lack of previous relevant convictions.

In relation to the period of disqualification, the Court can also be invited to use its discretion to allow you to complete a drink driving rehabilitation course which will ultimately reduce the period of disqualification imposed by the Court by one quarter, provided it is completed within a timescale set by the Court.

  • I have court date 11/05 what should I do on that day?

On the basis that this is your first appearance at Court, you will be required to enter your plea (i.e. confirm whether you are guilty or not guilty of the offence).

If you choose to plead guilty, you will need to address the Court and confirm what factors you would like them to consider when determining what sentence to give you. For example, you would need to explain that you have no previous convictions and that the outcome would impact on your job.

If you would like further assistance with this, please contact our team on 0333 009 3335


New member
Thank you for replying .
At time of breath test I blew 65 out of 100 .
There was no one got injured. 1 or 2 park car crashed at back and my car air bag came out.
And I have explained at time of arrival of police what was happen.
Sir I am worried about my sentence and license. I commute far from my work. I need help what to say in court and how to explain my situation them .
What kind of documents I should take with me to represent my self as being good character.
At this point, I would suggest that you contact a specialist to discuss further for more specific advice than can be given on this forum.