Drink and drive

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I have been caught drunk on the road, the officers have not seen me driving, but a witness has called them ( he maybahve taken a video, can’t remember) and I had to wait for the police to arrive at the scene. No one was hurt, no damage or injury. I have been arrested and the breathlyzer indicated 112 then 119 but the calibration wasn’t working si the had to take blood. I know is just a waiting time, but I want to get a solicitor because I don’t want to go to prison. I am fully aware of the gravity of situation…but, is done. I wish I could fo back in time. Please can you advise? I’d like to mentionthat my driving license is clean and never ever I was in trouble with the Police.
I am leaving to Isle of Wight for the weekend, but yes, I am available on the phone. Or we could discuss via email. I am really after help.
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