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Hi I am wondering if somebody could help me out. I was convicted pleaded guilty of DR90 on 31.12.20. I was sentenced to a 6 month driving ban and a £240 fine. My ban was up 29.06.21. I re applied to renew my licence before my ban was up. During my disqualification I received a letter deeming me as a HRO. Which was never spoken about in court as was not the fact I would have to surrender my licence then pay £100 to renew it. I am aggrieved by this as it was my first driving offence in 6 years previous. I was not actually convicted of driving the car. I accepted I was over the limit while in the vehicle. It has now been nearly 3 months since my ban was up and I am still yet to hear anything off the DVLA when i do a licence check it says i can re apply.
I have proof of postal order and recorded delivery being received by the DVLA. My 6 month ban has now been 9 months it is costing me financially with work. I am also a carer for my parents. I have emailed tweeted, wedchat and several calls to DVLA and nothing. I am yet to hear off the medical department. Why i need a medical I do not know. It states a blood sample. I was not convicted of even drink driving and 6 years previous a clean licence how do them deem me as a HRO
I also work for network rail and am d&a tested regulary for my job.
Good Morning,

I understand your frustration but you are in the hands of the DVLA and not the Courts so all you can do is comply and keep pushing them. If they refuse your licence you can ask the Courts for a decision but that can be a very lengthy and expensive process and at the end they would need convincing that he DVLA are in the wrong.

Best of luck

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