Covid 19 cause due date for DDR COURSE incomplete

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Tells me nothing about what i am to do now my course has been cancelled.. by all accounts i havto serve the remainder of my ban without reduction.. the courses were cancelled mate big pandemic the worlds going through atm they only offering them to people who have done one or two days i hadnt done any..
You need to edit your booking after log-in and it states changed to online classes
My date of completion from court is too near, 10 days to be exact, couldnt reshedule mine.. hearts broke lol, be thankful u can donur course my friend, hoping everything goes in your favour
So sorry for you ? it's sooo tough why the fcuk did we do it!!! I went out for takeaway after afternoon drinks I had been home 3hrs and was hungry - thought I was ok to drive got ran off the road by a boy racer and l smashed a parked car - the car that ran me off the road was nowhere to be seen my airbag bang! and the rest is history- clean license!!!! Soooooo ashamed!


You can do the course LTP have social distancing in place I was scheduled to do it with TTC but changed to LTP - this need sharing TTC should morally inform people, I had to call to find out mine was cancelled, it’s not good enough to keep dragging it out, they need to tell people about other providers who offer courses



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Do not give up hope people my due date to complete course was 8 July I was booked in to complete in april by ttc which got cancelled I have continuously rang them over last 2 weeks panicking trying to get options I was told on numerous occasions that this was from the goverment and ALL course nationwide Had been cancelled I almost gave up and was going to accept my extended ban until I decided to ring around local area the first one I tried are doing emergency course I am booked on to start Saturday. They are giving false information do not give up and make sure you ring around as there are course around to get on!!
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