Court appearance very soon and had no advice

This is very late in the day I know but I have only just found this forum. I am due to appear in court on tuesday having been apprehended as I was parking my car at my house earlier this month. My breath test gave a reading of 86.5mg. I intend to plead guilty and contacted a lawyer specialising in drink driving cases in Scotland but did not hire him as he would not give me any indication of what he might be able to do in my case, other than "represent me". I told him what had actually happened which was that I had been at a friend's house being cheered up about relationship problems, hadn't intended to stay but was invited to stay for dinner. I did and drank a bottle of wine. I had a very short distance to drive home, mostly on a country road and very stupidly decided to risk it. The only thing the lawyer was prepared to tell me was that if I said that in court I'd have the book thrown at me. Could you give me some advice on what counts as aggravation (as I now realise a statement like that would be detrimental) and what might be said that could help me out? Needless to say, my decision was extremely foolish. I have held a clean driving license for around 20 years and have no previous record of any kind. Any advice would be very much appreciated
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