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i have had a cdt test after filling out a dvla questionaire about my drinking driving convictions after nearly 50 years driving.My cdt was 3.5 and the dvla took my driving licence off me.I have 5 of my doctors blood tests from 2015-2018 and they show all normal readings no sign of concern by my doctor for my ongoing alcohol consumption.There is no misuse,no dependancy and no persistance of consumption in my doctors tests.I have asked my doctor to confirm the validity of his tests.Do you think i can appeal on medical grounds?
You have the right to appeal any decision made by the DVLA to revoke your licence within 6 months of that decision being made. The DVLA define alcohol misuse in a very broad way, namely:

"A state that causes, because of consumption of alcohol, disturbance of behaviour, related disease or other consequences likely to cause the patient, their family or society present or future harm and that may or may not be associated with dependence."

If the DVLA consider you to have misused alcohol based on one result then this can potentially be challenged but will need to be supported by medical evidence disputing that the abnormal CDT results relate to excessive consumption or misuse. You will need to discuss your case with reference to your medical history before any definitive advice about prospects of appeal can be given. You should contact a specialist on 03330095405 to consider options moving forward.
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