CDT levels drinking 4 cans a day for last year

New to this, hope someone can help me with some info. I've read a lot of threads but would love some input on my own situation.

I got a ban of 36 months reduced to 27 after going through the rehab course. I've been through alcohol rehab which was actually before my ban then I fell off the wagon spectacularly.

I've now quit anything stronger than beer and never drink before at least 5pm more often 7pm. But have 3-5 cans a night to wind down and help me relax. I enjoy them and can't remember the last time I was drunk.

I've been drinking 3-5 cans of Stella or Kronenburg for the last year or so pretty much every day combined with 30 cigs little exercise and a processed food diet mostly. Slightly overweight but appear healthy.

I'm just wondering what my CDT levels might be in the opinion of the group, I'm male, 6ft 1, about 210lbs - drunk all my life considerably more than what I do now....planning to abstain for 6 weeks prior to test....
Hi Jim Bob if this helps I was banned last year and hit the drink even more so than before I was drinking a minimum of 5 440ml fosters to around 7-8 cans every night for a year I stopped drinking two weeks ago and took milk thistle every day I had a private cdt test on the 23rd of march this year and got a score of 1% if that helps
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