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Hello, I first passed my test and got my license in 2015, since then I have had my license revoked due to speeding, and attended a speed awareness course. I got my license back, (unsure of dates) and recently I have been done for driving without insurance, twice, resulting in my license being disqualified (6 months ban, and a TT99 conviction on my license.

My disqualification was due to expire in July this year (2021). I did send off my renewal of my license after disqualification form to the DVLA that they sent me through the post prior to being stopped by the police. The past few months my mental health has deteriorated quite extremely to the point I was sectioned under the mental health act and spent some time in a mental health hospital. Since being released, I have been stopped for driving whilst disqualified, and without third party insurance on the 1st June, the police stopped me literally on the main road from my house, less than 5 minutes away. The reason for the journey was to get the tyres replaced, I wasn't thinking straight at the time, and made a stupid decision I regret.

I admitted it straight away to the officers, didn't give them any grief, and opted for a voluntary interview in the back of the police car. I have been told to await a letter for the court day.

Can anyone please advise me on what will happen now, regarding the consequences of this? I keep reading everywhere online that it will be 6 months in prison, another ban, points fine etc? what will be the possibilities of this? I don't work, I am on ESA, and do suffer quite a few different mental health conditions.

Any help will be appreciated. I know I have done wrong, please no nasty comments.

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