Caught driving whilst disqualified and possible drink driving

I need advice for my cousin, its possibly a bit vague as I dont have full details. My cousin was in court on Monday he was disqualified for two years for drink driving. I dont know what he blew at the time of his arrest as I have not spoke to him directly. Then yesterday my aunty gets a phone call he has been caught driving after he had been to court and we are not sure but we are pretty sure but not certain he may of been over the limit once again. Are we looking at a custodial sentence for this? Many Thanks for any insight to what may happen, we cant speak to my cousin directly as there are a lot of family fall out at the moment but no matter what he has done my aunty is still very worried for him.
If your cousin has been caught driving whilst disqualified so soon after the disqualification was imposed it certainly makes him a risk of custody. If alcohol is involved then that would increase the risk of custody substantially given the nature of the offence he is currently banned for. There is nothing in the guidelines to say he is a certainty for custody in these circumstances but he is a high risk given the circumstances.
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