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Can i go to prison for blowing 47 after being caught driving after a few drinks

Hi i recently drove the edge of my estate to withdraw some money from a card machine for a takeaway, i am ashamed to say that i had been drinking and completely did not think correctly. I was stopped by police and failed a road side breath test i was taken the local police station and blew 50 then 47. I have only been driving 14 months and understand i will be banned, can anyone re assure me that firstly this is not an imprissonable offence as i am absolutely a bag of nerves at the minute due to my anxiety and secondly would i lose my license or just be banned. I will plead guilty because i have no excuse for doing what i did. Any advice or reassurance is greatly welcomed. Thanks. Gaz
The sentencing guidelines for a reading of 47 µg of alcohol per 100ml of breath indicate that you will be banned for a period of between 12 and 16 months and will be fined alongside that. An isolated offence with a reading of that level would not give rise to a prison sentence. Your reading would ordinarily need to be well in excess of that. The starting point for custody is 120 µg of alcohol per 100ml of breath.


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Thankyou for your reply, so i will deffinatley not be sentenced to prison then? I was not driving unsafe and it was 1am in the morning it was around half a kilometre drive if that i also co operated with the officers. I suffer from anxiety and this is really playing on my mind, i have certainly learned a valuable lesson from this experience
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