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Been for medical, awaiting dvla verdict

I have been reading a lot of posts on here and found great comfort in other peoples posts.
I have just had my medical on 1st may, I used to drink virtually every day 4-6 pints lager during my ban. I have since given up alcohol and by the time I went for the medical I have abstained for 116 days. (Amazing how much money I've saved).
The medical went well, I was able to say no to all questions truthfully, the doctor was very pleasant and the whole process was over in 20 minutes. Hopefully my CDT will have normalised and other than bank holiday slowing things down, I should hear from dvla within a month. This is what the doctor told me. I will follow up this post as soon as I hear from dvla. Fingers crossed.
good luck mate hope all goes well and they dont need to contact your GP slows it right down
im currently at the part were they contact my gp due to me answering yes to 1 thing i think, let me know how you get on
just a waiting game
I went for my medical on the 30th April, on the 4th may i looked on my online license details and it said i had a full license. Then I had my license delivered by postman on the 10th may. I never rang dvla or pestered them. It all just happened so quick and there was a bank holiday along the way, so its not as bad as a lot of threads make out. I was fretting over nothing. I abstained from drinking for 116 days prior to medical, so I must have been well in the green zone to allow my license back with no questions asked. I'm back driving now and I'll never let this happen to me again.
Good luck everyone with your licenses, try and keep off the booze for 3 months to make sure your in the green zone and you should have nothing to worry about.
Best wishes,
I shopped around for insurance.
I have no, no claims bonus or any other things that might have lowered my premium. My lowest quote was £1082.62. I then tried go compare again, but this time added my license number and a quote came up at £908.67. Needless to say, I went for that one. I only have an old second hand car which isn't worth much so went for 3rd party only. Fully comp was £1780.00
i am still waiting for my licence back had medical 19/4/18 still no word i also have a quote at 1700 fully comp with one answer seem to be the best for me
Try collingwood insurance. Have you looked at your driving license details on the dvla website. It will either say you have no entitlement to dtive, or you have a full license.
The very best of luck to you.


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Heads up here guys

1st central 100 pnds cheaper than before my conviction that includes an sp50 a NAF(1250pnds) and of course a DUI was totally 100% open an honest with them and hats off they came up trumps )
yeah my problem is they have contacted my gp on the 1/5/18 and the gp still hasnt filled it out and sent it back even me calling daily to pester them still so slow told me they would be a 5 week wait!


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Cheers for response, do you know over what time period the questions are based, I lost my licence 18 years ago and have never bothered to apply for it back only accident I had was when I lost my licence, I used alcohol to cope but have not done so for over 1 & 1/2 years and have been teetotal for 8 months now. I have given this information to the DVLA on the DR1 form with copy of my scan results that show no liver damage and normal liver function.


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Cheers for the reply, I dont think there will be any problems, as I am taking the DR1 form completed that was sent to the DVLA with scan results of my liver showing no liver damage and normal size, and upto date blood tests results I pick up tomorrow to show normal liver function.
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