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I thought I would post my story just to perhaps see things from the other side of the coin.

When I was growing up I had an alcoholic father who was caught multiple times DD and to be honest that rubbed off onto me, I used to drive drunk although I was never caught. My Dad's now dead, literally drank himself to death, alcoholic ketoacidosis.

Anyway fast forward ten years. Working as a nurse. Responsible. I was cycling to work at 6am one morning when I was knocked off my pushbike in a head on collision with a drink driver. He was overtaking at about 40mph in a 30mph zone. My wrist was literally shattered into pieces. Unfortunately the driver at the scene lied and said I had just fallen off my bike and drove off so when I was taken to A&E they didn't treat it as a head on collision, and tried to manipulate the bones back into place whilst I was knocked out on laughing gas. As you would expect, all this did was create a nice hole in my bone. They tried to correct it in an operation, but basically, the wrist is knackered. I will never be able to bend it again.

Fortunately there was CCTV, so the other driver's insurance company has admitted liability. But, my career as a nurse is basically over. You can't work as a nurse without your dominant wrist working. Five months on I'm on admin duties at the moment. Long term I will need to find another career, a job I loved and thought I would be doing for another forty years. and the NHS will lose a much needed nurse.

I say this only because none of us are perfect. I think people on this forum have for the most part made the right choice, put their hands up, admitted they made a mistake, and try their best to live with it. I think people like that need support for what will be a life changing experience.

But, do hold your hands up. You can't change a head on collision, but if the driver had just been honest at the time then I would have got the right medical help and would be back on my ward today. If you do crash, that is the time to hold your hands up.

That's not to sound preachy, as I said, I have been in the driving seat. You think you will be fine, you think you are okay to drive. No DDs set off thinking they will crash, thinking they will injure or kill someone. But, statistically, you are much more likely to, and no-one beats statistics forever.
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