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Back calculation?

Hi all
Looking to hear your thoughts on possible scenarios please.

I was arrested after crashing my car and blowing over on the roadside test. Despite me repeatedly saying it was not necessary I was taken to hospital to be checked over... felt shameful being in there with actually hurt people :(. They didn’t call on of their special doctors to take my blood until 4 hours later so it was just under 5 hours until the blood was taken.

Police apparently do not have blood tests back yet but I did mine own and they were under but not loads.

I was involved in a reasonably minor single car accident, didn’t flee the scene I was waiting for AA (for about 5 mins) and I don’t have any previous convictions/points.

What do you think is the likely outcome here, will back calculation be run? If so how does it work, do they take into account I am pretty short girl and so not going to be metabolising as much or do they just have an average they apply to everyone? Do you think it would be worth getting my own back calculation to show I was under or even if it shows as over in case it comes back as still less than the polices - I’m never too sure what impact that ultimately would have on the sentence. Interview didn’t discuss food but they are going to have height and my own statement of weight (which does fluctuate but should at least be within a half stone either side)

Thanks in advance and also as most people have I have simply come to this site for a bit of guidance and not judgement please.


TTC Group
For the police to do a back calculation they have to ask a lot more questions than your weight.
in the current circumstances sit is not likely that they would ask for one to be done for an accident where there were no other injuries.
There is no need to have a back calculation done at your expense. It might be worth it if the police do end up having one done but to spend about £300 on a possibility that you are over on a police back calculation that might not be done is pointless. There is no rush in having one done, it is not time critical like the timescale for having a blood sample analysed.