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Advice please


New member

I am a student and am going to court and will plead guilty to drink driving as i blew 96. I fully expect to lose my licence and be banned for 2 years as quite frankly i deserve it. My two questions are as i have literally no money will the court still impose a heavy fine on myself as i'd much rather do community service than pay a fine. Also i can't afford a solicitor so will i be given someone to represent me on the day?

Look forward to your response

Hi there,

The Court will make an enquiry into what income you receive and would use such information to base a fine upon. However, for a reading of 96 in breath it is far more likely for a Court to sentence to a community penalty. You should ask to be referred to the drink drive referral course if you want to have a reduction of your ban. Ask for the full 25% reduction. This course would be funded yourself.

The ban is likely to be between 23 - 28 months.

A duty solicitor may help you but is likely to be very busy at Court and may only be able to give you 5 minutes of their time if at all. Their priority will, understandably, be people at risk of a prison sentence. Due to your reading you are not at risk of custody.