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My other half got pulled over last week as his car was showing uninsured which it wasn't, we had insured it that morning as it was new. They did a breath test at the side of the road which I can't remember what he blew but was over, they took him to the station where he waited about an hour for the breath test on the machine to be done. I think he blew 100!!! He has court next week and needs to know if he should get a solicitor? On his paperwork they Havnt stated what he blew at the side of the road, is this normal?? What could he look at for a ban and fines etc? He needs to be able to drive for work as well!
It is normal to not quote the roadside breath reading, that is only an indication, the polise station one is the actual evidence.
with a reading of 100 he will be looking at a 23 to 28 month ban, and a fine. There is the possibility of a community order being imposed as well. The ban could be reduced by up to 25% if he is offered a drink drive rehabilitation course, which is usually offered for a first offence... He could ask if he could do one if the magistrates do not offer, but it has to be offered at the court appearance, he cannot ask for it afterwards.
As to a solicitor, it is a matter of choice. Unless the police screwed up the procedure in some way, there is no way of him avoiding a ban. Some people are happy preparing and speaking their own mitigation to the magistrates. Others prefer to pay a solicitor to do it for them.
The other option is to ask to speak to the duty solicitor at court on the day, the advice is free, and he / she MIGHT go in to court to speak on his behalf, depending on how busy they are.
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