Advice needed please

I had an accident last year where I was driving my mums car through my insurance.
I was driving home from work along a nation speed limit road. After I had gone round a bend I decided to overtake a slower moving car in front of me. After I had pulled out a car had come from round the bend behind me also overtaking and had hit the car. This had forced me off of the road and into a field and to which it flipped and rolled and the car had come to rest on it's roof.
I was taken to hospital with quite bad injuries whilst the other driver appeared fine as he was walking around on the phone to his partner.
At the hospital I was given morphine for my pain. Once at the hospital the police came to speak to me despite the fact that I was barely on the same planet due to the amount of morphine and the extreme pain still present.
Several months on, im at a dead end with the insurance companies. The police report has put me at fault. In the report they had failed to mention the bend, so that I would not have seen the other driver coming behind me. They also didn't do any form of speed checks to determine how fast the other driver was going, nor was there any mention as to the fact that the other driving was attempting to overtake 4 vehicles round a bend or the fact I was going shy of the speed limit and heist of been going a lot faster. The police report suggests that he hit me on the side but if this was the case then I would have ended up in the car I was overtaking not on the opposite side of the road.
I have now also found out that the other driver is trying to claim £7000 in personal injuries despite ringing up his insurance on the day opening a claim and closing it due to him only have a couple of scratches on his car as he said he had a bump. He only made this £7000 claim after the police report was passed on.
With me, I had a fractured scapular, 1st 2nd and 7th rib fractured, T2 fracture, contused lung, whip last and number plus cuts and bruises. I'm still on strong painkillers, still under a specialist and still having to have physiotherapy. Then obviously there is the fact that my mums now two year old car was a total write off and she is still having to pay the finance on it.
Is there any advice you can give me as to what can be done, if anything as this has had such an impact on my life and this other guy walked away with no more than a few scratches on the front of his car.
Thank you
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