wrong amount on very old and spent drink drive offence

hi i am looking for advice on a 15 year old offence, i was banned for two year and fine almost £1000 at the time i had benefits no income and i paid £5 per week out of benefits, now i come to needing licence back and on dvla site its saying i was fined only £50 but i have only just recently stopped having payments taken out of my benefits, what can i do to get my overpaid money if dvla is right and how?
The best approach at this stage would be to contact the court where you were convicted and ask for a copy of the 'memorandum of conviction' from the previous offence. You will need to know the date of the offence. There will be a fee involved in obtaining the memorandum of conviction but it will outline the amount of fine that was ordered to be paid. If you have made an overpayment the you should contact the fines and collections department at court and outline the discrepancy. My view is that the DVLA website is likely to be incorrect if you have paid £1000 following what you understood to be the order made at the time. The DVLA do not have any input in the fine paid or penalty imposed, they merely keep a record and make any subsequent licencing decision at reapplication stage. Before obtaining a copy of the memorandum of conviction, I would suggest contacting the DVLA directly to discuss directly. If the offence was over 15 years ago, it is unusual for it to still be showing on your licence as that sort of endorsement is usually only kept on your licence for 11 years.
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