would this work these days?

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this was very similar to what happened to me - could I have revoked their access or would the police still have had a power of entry under Section 17 of the Police and Criminal Evidence Act?


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Good afternoon,

Like everything in criminal cases there is an argument for both sides (unless there was an accident).

Did you expressly remove permission for the police to enter your property? Is your case still ongoing?
thanks for the reply!
no i didn't expressly remove permission at the time and the case is not ongoing - I was just interested to see if I had removed permission what the effect would have been or does Section 17 of the Police and Criminal Evidence Act give the police power that overrides that?

Martin Hammond

Ah ok.

What would usually happen in real life is that both sides of the argument would be put forward and the Court would reject one.

I know know that seems an obvious reply but in real terms there are very few defences which would cause the Crown to simply withdraw and not put together a defence. So to answer your question, if I were representing someone who had removed consent and no accident was involved I would consider running it, with other defences.

I hope that helps

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