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I got convicted for DD on 7/10/12 for 5 years my ban is up on 8/10/17. Through out my ban I drank heavily on a regular basis and weekends really hit it hard. I decided as from 24/7/17 to give up the drinking and have done so to date (15/9/17). I am reluctant to send off for my licence because I have got to have this blood test (CDT). I am worried that I will fail to be honest. Also I saw my GP back in 2012 I think and asked for some help because I was excessively drinking. He gave me some tablets to help get off the source bit I stopped taking them and never went back for any further help. Will this affect me getting my licence back ? If I do pass the CDT and under 2..2 will the dvla still look at my medical records and how is the best way to answer their questionnaire? Also was wondering can I drive under section 88 and what happens if I get stopped by police and they try to do me for no licence ? All advice would be gladly appreciated thanks in advance...Lee .?


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As you have also posted this under "general discussion" I have replied to it there.......
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