Convicted Driver Insurance Quotes

Will I be able to use my no claims bonus after my ban?

Ok so this is a little complicated, I got banned in December 16 for 9 months for DR10.

My car insurance was live at the time of me getting banned and is due to expire in June 17 ( next month).

Thing is I decided NOT to cancel the policy and rather just leave it live until it runs out in June, once it's finished get them to send me my no claims bonus which will be 7 years and then compare different insurers and just go with the best quote, forwarding my new proof of NCB to them at the time.

I understand that NCB has nothing to do with endorsements hence me not cancelling, and I also know that I need a valid license to legally hold insurance so I'm being a little bit naughty, but basically what I wanna know is once I have the NCB at the end of my current policy, can I use them on a new policy without any complications??

Any advice is respected and appreciated, also please don't judge me too much for not telling the insurance but I really need my NCB so felt no choice :(
It would not have hurt to cancel your policy as no claims bonus carries forward for 2 years after you have held a policy. (3 with some companies)
There should be no issues, providing you correctly declare the conviction with the companies that you get quotes from in June.
No claims is recognised by most companies for 2 years after a policy has been held. 9some even go to 3 ) There would have been no problem in cancelling, you would still have given you proof of no claims which you could carry forward to when you need insurance again in June, so effectively you have been paying for insurance that you have not needed.
You will have to declare the DR10 when you take out fresh insurance, but your NCB will be valid.
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