DVLA Coronavirus (COVID-19) update: DVLA are now processing paper applications, however these will take longer to process as the DVLA are working with reduced staff to meet social distancing requirements. If your application requires medical information or examinations there are likely to be delays also. Click here for more information.

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when will i receive D27 form?


Evening Price, I am sending my D1 form off tomorrow along with dd completion certificate as you suggested. Any advice on if there is anyone in particular I should address the letter to? Also, should I now be abstaining from any alcohol? I only have 4 or 5 pints over a weekend usually but seen a lot of different views on cdt levels. Never had any previous alcohol issues.


TTC Group
There is a named person listed on one of the posts here for Key workers, but otherwise it is just the generic address.
(going out now so no time to search the posts for you)
as you do not know how long it will be for your medical - and Sod’s law says they will offer you one quickly- take the safe route and either cut right down or abstain altogether. 2 pints of beer on a Friday and another 2 on a Saturday would be OK, but don’t let it lead to more!